Sarp Canada & North America

In order to also serve overseas customers, since 2016 we have been operating with our branch in Canada.

Located on the east coast, in the GTA area of Toronto, it serves the entire coast in real-time, but it is the HUB that controls and manages the Americas area (North, Central, and South). We provide sales and after-sales, while the manufacturing continues to be carried out by the headquarter in Italy.

Sarp Canada, therefore, combines the experience and knowledge of Italian food machines with the local presence and the possibility of communicating in the same time slot without problems, to serve and assist the customer in every stage: from request to training to the production.

Thanks to this new reality, we can pay our full attention to this market, leading to the development of customized machines and lines, tailored to meet the specific needs of the customers.

Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
m: +1 647 9641262

sarp canada