Business plan for a pasta factory: how to create it

In recent years, people's interest in healthy, homemade food has grown more and more. According to data from the Nielsen Company, in 2021 new consumption trends reward health and sustainability therefore this situation involve also the pasta industry.

Abroad, global sales of pasta increased by 2.3% as consumers prefer artisanal products capable of satisfying different needs.

In a constantly developing and evolving market, opening a pasta factory is a highly profitable activity.

In this article we illustrate how to structure a business plan for a pasta factory and we will make estimates to establish how much you earn with this activity.

How to prepare a business plan for a pasta factory

To open a successful pasta factory it is essential to prepare a strategic plan in advance. Before thinking about profit, it is essential to take into consideration the costs that you will have to start the business.

First of all, the business plan must consider the various items such as:

Secondly, it is necessary to carry out a market survey on the competitors and define the size and nature of the company.

Will it be a family-run artisan pasta factory or will it be part of a franchise or bigger on your own? Will it have a direct sales counter attached to the laboratory or will it supply supermarkets and restaurants?

Once the network of partners has been built and the company objectives have been established, the profitability of the pasta factory can be calculated.

How much profit can a pasta factory generate?

The profits of a pasta factory are generally very high. The profit margin depends on:

  • Size of the pasta factory
  • Kind of activity
  • Quantity of pasta produced
  • Machinery production capacity.

Sarp plants for dry pasta, for example, process up to 700 kilos of pasta every hour. With two daily shifts of 8 hours, for 30 days, 336,000 kilos per month will therefore be obtained. The monthly revenue then derives from subtracting the fixed costs of production from the planned price of the wholesale product.

With a good strategy, a little effort and the right machinery, opening a pasta factory can therefore prove to be a winning choice.