Cooling 1.500 kg of baking products in a matter of minutes

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Here is one of our new applications: a line for cooling bakery products, in particular donuts, dry cakes, bomboloni 1500 kg/h destined for North America.
Bakery products are certainly one of the much-loved categories of foods all over the world, which with their fragrance and perfume take us by the throat.
But what do we mean by “bakery product”? This label refers to all those foods obtained by cooking leavened dough, in which the basic ingredients are flour, water, yeast and salt.
The most consumed are small pastry products, fresh or dry, and products such as pizza and bread.

In this article we will show you how a system for cooling bakery products works, listing the necessary processes and machinery.

How does the cooling process of bakery products happen?

The manufacturing process consists of a single or several leavening phases followed by cooking. Our cooling application, in particular, comes into action with our treatment spiral at this time. This procedure is critical for keeping the product healthy and intact.

The cooling part is crucial to guarantee a longer shelf-life and to maintain constant control of the humidity of the product itself.
Humidity is in fact the main cause of mould formation and harmful microorganisms.

For these reasons, our project begins with product analysis, identifying the Ph and Aw to personalize the treatment and avoid product deterioration after treatment.

The application involves a spiral cooling system with a 450 m long plastic belt with an inlet temperature of +92°C and an outlet temperature of +25°C, with the product divided into 10 rows. This process uses the air cooling process with constant control of temperature and humidity so that there is no mould or other problems.
Because our method allows the items to be divided into ordered rows, our system has the significant advantage of keeping the products neatly organized during the processing path. The low entry and exit allow operators to handle products with extraordinary ease while being safe in their routine operations.
Our systems may be used to cool or freeze food products ranging from bread to cakes, pizza to croissants, but also desserts, Pryaniki and Sushki.
Each system is resistant to product dust and adaptable to the oven exit. Furthermore, the output of the chilled products can be tailored to the operators' requirements.

The equipment required for the treatment

Sarp cooling spiral

The cooling process of bakery products takes place via our spiral systems. The air-cooling spiral can be combined with a humidity control system.
Sarp is able to provide a customized project designed according to the customer's needs.

The advantages of Sarp cooling systems

Sarp customizes each system to improve each stage of your heat treatment, in the cooling of bakery products.

Our spirals enable you to achieve the following:
✅ Products are sorted and kept in line throughout the process
Entry and exit can be changed at different levels and with different belt path options
✅ You can define times, amounts, and types of product to be cooled

We develop unique and cutting-edge solutions and build your machines with all of our passion thanks to our experience and attention to each project.