COVID-19 UPDATES, March 16, 2020

Dear customer / supplier

Given the latest developments related to COVID-19 and the growing health crisis facing our territory, my staff and me feel the duty to contribute to the well-being of our community.

Although we are aware that it is necessary that Italy continues to work and that a message of positivity and energy is transmitted to the population, we are also aware that a strong health emergency is taking place.

The prescriptions of the authorities have ordered to close some activities for the necessary period to stop the contagion, while they are strongly asking to others, for the time being, for their collaboration to try to stem the situation. To protect the most fragile people and to protect the community, they are asking to stay at home as much as possible and avoid unnecessary contact with other people. Behaviors that are not adequate to these rules have the consequences to spread the virus rapidly among people. Hospitals, which are already facing an emergency, will find themselves having to support a volume of people that is no longer sustainable, running the risk of reaching dramatic situations.

Under these circumstances and for the respect we owe to the people who work with us every day and for the whole community, with responsibility and seriousness we made a difficult decision not only for ourselves but also for our partners. Sarp has decided, in fact, to temporarily suspend all the activities from March 17 until April 3, confident of your understanding for such a difficult decision.

Our commitment to our customers remains unchanged, but at this moment we have decided to take a step back to put the health not only of our staff but of the whole community first.

We hope that you too can understand our decision, not interpreting it as a sign of weakness, but rather as a sign of a responsible company, involved in the community and with a strong moral integrity.

We are aware that we have to guarantee some services because we are working for food companies, in order to support their work and consequently the primary necessities for people. We will therefore guarantee some services through smart working.

Following, you will find the references in case of mandatory needs:

- Our sales force is available for any need at the numbers:

Albio Enrico Mob. +49.172.2950683
De Lillo Luigi Mob. +393355364355
De Santi Matteo Mob: +1 6479641262
Galante Leandro Mob: +39 335 786 4235
Galijasevic Ismar Mob: +387 61 688 520
Moresco Serge Mob: +33 672 528956

- For urgent assistance / after-sales, the following references are available at +39 3316601481 and;

- Our email addresses will be checked daily and we will try to process your requests as far as possible:;

- For the moment, the sites of Sarajevo (+387 61 688 520) and Toronto (+1 647 9641262) are operational.

Any eventual necessary activity will be carried out following the appropriate precautions for our and your staff, following the directives in force of the health authorities.We will keep you updated on the developments of the next days.

On this occasion, I want to thank all the partners from the other countries that have shown us their solidarity, proving that especially in these situations, different borders and politics do not exist.

I send everyone a big greeting and a wish to be well. I'm sure the situation will resolve soon.

Salvalaggio Giovanni

Owner and C.E.O.

For info: +39 0423482633 -