Covid-19 Updates

The situation in our territory remains critical especially from the point of view of public health.
At this particular moment our government has decided to implement a containment policy that affects the whole Italy, locking down the Peninsula

Fight a virus for which a vaccine does not yet exist, self-isolation is essential to make its spread collapse. "Everyone's commitment is crucial because the citizens and their behaviors are the first cure for the virus. Now, if there is good teamwork in compliance with the rules, we will have the effect of slowing down the infection and ending this emergency in a reasonable time" (cit. Luca Zaia, governor of Veneto)

The economic repercussions of this situation will be incalculable, but obviously people's health comes first. It is precisely in these circumstances that Sarp undertakes to continue its work by adopting extraordinary precautionary measures and in respect with the health authorities.

We face everyday life trying to carry on our production in the best way possible. This is why I remind you that, we are here and we are still working:

  • The ongoing projects are proceeding
  • Delivery and collection of the goods are active with preventive measures of control and sanitation before each shipment
  • Our Sites in Sarayevo (+387 61 688 520) and Toronto (+1 647 9641262) are all in full operation, according with the rules and safety measures of the others countries.
  • We promote the remote service, where possible
  • We promote digital communications and meetings and smart work
  • We promote limited access to the office and only if necessary
  • We constantly monitor our staff and the situation in the area.
  • We are implementing our website with a series of "case history" where you can find details of various lines realized and which you can use to discover something more without coming in our office. Your needs can be easily discussed with our sales representatives, who are available to clarify your doubts. Untitled design 2 e1657717950863Untitled design e1657717901706


  • We are strengthening our social channels to keep you updated to give you news about the production

We cannot hide that there will be repercussions in work activities but we are constantly working to ensure that they are reduced to the minimum possible, giving priority to the health of our staff and the people around us.

We ask once again for your collaboration, trying to stay close to our country and to use the common sense and understanding that distinguish you. Even simply trying not to give credit to fake news or excessive media reactions that can sometimes paint distorted pictures of reality.

In this regard, we report some reliable sources to refer to, if you want:

It will be my commitment to keep you informed on the development of the situation and to ensure that the difficulties can be overcome in the best way possible.
I remain at your disposal for any necessary information  and I send everyone a warm greeting.


Salvalaggio Giovanni

Owner and C.E.O.

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