Pasteurising and Cooling Technologies: SARP's Success Story in the Food Industry


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The core of our solution for the client is based on a sophisticated plant that includes two key components: a pasteurisation spiral and a cooling spiral. These spirals have been designed with particular attention to mechanics and design, in order to ensure an effective and uniform treatment of each doypack (stand-up pouch).

The pasteurisation spiral, made entirely of stainless steel, follows a vertical spiral design that allows for space optimisation and enhances the efficiency of the pasteurisation process. On the other hand, the cooling spiral, with its plastic belt and oval spiral design, is engineered to maximise cooling efficiency, thus ensuring the preservation of the products' organoleptic properties.

Outstanding Technical Specifications
The plant designed by Sarp stands out for its remarkable technical specifications. With a capacity of 1,750 kg/h and production cycles that can reach up to 240 bpm, this solution positions itself at the forefront of the sector for production capacity. Precise temperature control, with limited variations to ±1ºC, ensures optimal product treatment, crucial for maintaining their qualities intact.

A Cutting-Edge System for Production Efficiency
The plant is not limited to just the pasteurisation and cooling spirals but also includes high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, stainless steel floors with waterproof finishes, and state-of-the-art electrical connection and transport systems. All these elements contribute to creating a complex machine that ensures maximum efficiency and reliability.

Investing in Technology for the Future
The decision to invest in this project by our client reflects a strategic choice oriented towards precision, quality, and reliability. The customised solutions offered by Sarp represent an opportunity for companies in the food sector to significantly improve their production processes, adopting the most advanced technologies available.
Our commitment to innovation and customisation translates into a unique ability to meet the specific needs of each client, guaranteeing solutions that not only enhance productivity but also ensure compliance with the high-quality standards required by the market. The implementation of these advanced technologies is a testament to our commitment to excellence and leadership in the sector.

Join Us to Transform Your Production Process
SARP invites all companies in the food sector to reflect on the importance of customised solutions and the key role that innovative technologies can play in enhancing both productivity and product quality. Investing in tailored solutions means not only optimising your production processes but also consolidating your competitive position in the market.
Do not hesitate to contact us to discover how our customised solutions can support your production and quality objectives. SARP stands prepared to shape the future of your productivity, leading you towards adopting the most advanced technologies in the food sector.