Sarp Showroom #nextevents

come and see our


at Sarp, Castelfranco Veneto, TV
from February 17th to March 13th, 2020

Sarp as a specialist in the development of food processes, we could not fail to invite you to our headquarters in Castelfranco Veneto to personally see one of our FREEZING SPIRALS SARP with plastic belt, suitable for food processing.

From February 17 to March 13, 2020 you can view a FREEZING SPIRAL SARP, which will be available at our factory, assembled and ready for viewing. You will notice the details and understand in detail how the deep-freezing system takes place with this type of machinery.

It is a freezing spiral with plastic belt and 12 layers, suitable for an hourly production of about 400/500 kg / h. In particular, this type of application has been designed for stuffed pasta but can still affect other types of product like baked goods or meat, fish or creamy desserts, etc.

For more than 30 years we have been producing lines for food processes from cooking to cooling and we know that the experience and innovation necessary in this field are fundamental to develop technologies that meet customer needs.
The complete lines that we make are not only conveyor belts but are complete technologies that connect treatment plants and product transformation systems. The processes range from pasteurization, to cooling,  or industrial freezing of fruit and vegetable-based products, meat, bread-making, dairy, pasta with the use of different treatment systems, such as air or water. The connection and integration of our machinery with existing productions and with treatment systems is fundamental for the good result of the final product.

Well-known international brands rely on our company for the development of their food processing lines and in particular, our market leadership in pasteurization and freezing makes purchasing a safe choice.

For info to our staff or appointment requests contact us at +39 0423482633 or

We believe the meeting between company and customer create innovation and solve easily your doubts.

Alessandra Salvalaggio
Marketing & Communication Manager