Sarp plants: the production line for fresh Italian pasta

At Sarp our technological know-how is constantly up-to-date on the fresh pasta sector, to offer machinery that guarantees industrial production and long product shelf life.
For all types of fresh pasta, Sarp machines are in stainless steel, designed in such a way that they can be dismantled, or easily maintained, for optimal sanitation of the single components.
The production capacity varies according to the production of your business, we can design a machine that supports up to 2,000 kg of pasta per hour.
Sarp industrial machinery for fresh pasta works with all types of flour: raw or pre-cooked, with or without gluten or special flours.
We implement the pre-existing machines in your company, studying the correct optimization of the production line or providing special systems suitable for processing the requested flour. The systems for fresh pasta that we design have the aim of obtaining a combined high shelf-life, without carrying out the drying process, with the heat treatment of fresh pasta, both filled and flat.

The shelf-life varies according to the treatments to which the product is subjected:

  • the deadline is about 60 days if pasteurized, cooled, and packaged in MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging), or in an optimized atmosphere. It is a question of replacing oxygen with a mixture of gas which favors the maintenance of perishable materials.
  • edibility lasts up to 4-5 months if subjected to pasteurization and cooling once packaged.

Why choose Sarp?

For a Made in Italy pasta, we believe that it takes an Italian passion and design for production, which protects the quality of the final product with innovative solutions that can be adapted to the needs of every type of company.
For thirty years we have been working to customize each system using a methodology that includes an inspection, an analysis of the business, listening to your needs for change and growth, and, finally, creating the right machine to satisfy them.

Each Sarp system is composed of different components, the complete range includes:

  • Mixers for dosing and mixing semolina, flour, water, eggs, and other ingredients to form the dough.
  • Presses, from the dosage and mixing of the raw materials, used, the extrusion of the dough is obtained with any type of flour (with or without gluten, wholemeal, treated, …), with or without vacuum.
  • Loading shuttles with laser control for multiple forming stations.
  • Calibrators and cutters, which provides for the longitudinal and/or transversal cutting of the sheet and the calibration of the thickness of the sheet to be obtained. Automatic thickness control is also possible.
  • Gas or steam pasteurizers, it is the necessary treatment for the accompaniment of the bacterial load and the soul of the life of the product. Gas pasteurizers respect energy savings of 60% compared to traditional pasteurizers.
  • Wrappers/coolers (ALSO COMBINED) to ensure high shelf life and efficient efficiency.
  • Sterilizers and post-packaging treatment line with spirals, which have the purpose of thermally treating the product for a duration beyond 90 days and to reach high productions.



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