Industrial pasta extruder: choose Sarp quality

Sarp is a company with more than thirty years of know-how in the analysis, design, and construction of production lines for all types of pasta. We connect and share with the customer, we study the needs and design, we customize the machines for spaces and working times.
The Sarp Lab Research & Development department tests the materials and functions of each system to guarantee a customized and efficient proposal in every detail.

The extruders can produce both short pasta (such as penne or macaroni) and long pasta (spaghetti, tagliatelle); or even typical forms of a specific Region, (for example orecchiette, or the Tuscan pappardelle) adapting the right die to the production.
Each die for Sarp machines is interchangeable: it can be removed quickly and easily, thanks to a system of screws, and then replaced. Each part is easily accessible to allow a quick shape change: this feature is well suited to the production of different types of pasta. The line is also compatible with the needs of medium-sized productions that need to often replace the die.

Sarp: a shared project

We customize your pasta production and your workflow, implementing existing structures or creating new ones. We share every step of the project with you: the on-site inspection is the first step with the study of the actual production, the floor plan. We analyze the characteristics of your product and your recipes, to design the machine that best suits your specificities. Before delivering it, we test it in our laboratory.
A complete line for the production of extruded or regional pasta can have a press with or without vacuum, some loading shuttles, a series of molding machines, a gas or steam pasteurizer, a pre-dryer and a cooler.
The guarantee for machinery is one or two years, or even for longer periods, and we can support you with a training period during the startup.
Our Customer Service is at your disposal for any eventuality. Request a free quote It’s quick and easy.


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