For non-food products, Sarp creates conveyor belts designed for the process of packed or unpacked products, dried, sterilized, pasteurized, cooled and frozen products and for the proofing of different types of non-food products.

For the process of all non-food products the spiral conveyor belts or towers are suitable to treat any kind of products that need a temperature intervention.

Because the machine is essentially a conveying system, any kind of treatment could be applied, from drying to cooling, from freezing to conveying.

The spiral conveyor belts or towers could be fit detergents, natural elements as leaves, wood, … and others.

Application areas

Products used for this application

Depends on the hourly production, the systems can fit your existent production no matter how it is positioned, because of their tailor-made shapes.

We use a particular kind of belt that allows also the heavy weight to be conveyed.

The functions of the spirals are to optimize the food processing for bakery products of the customer, reducing the time of the treatment and with customized projects that aim to fit in every production.

Before speaking in details of the spiral belt conveyors, we would like to underline the treatment possible with these machines:

As for all food, conveyor belts develop in vertical coils dragged by a motor, thus minimizing footprint area by placing the devices inside the central space and creating the maximum heat exchange between air and product.

Loading and handling of high-weight products is guaranteed through the use of a particular type of conveyor belt. The structure of the machinery is designed for loads up to 1000 kg/level.
The ability to move 360 degrees, even with significant reversals or changes of direction, makes the conveyor belts particularly suitable for handling both vertically and horizontally.

The spirals to process non-food products treatment can work in air/environment, or be positioned inside of insulated rooms that allow reaching an optimal temperature.

To make the treatment faster, the devices such as evaporators, batteries, air and water system are located into an insulated chamber that allows the formation and distribution of the air flow, making the temperature uniform and increasing the heat exchange.

All parts in contact with the product ensures maximum hygiene, and their placement is designed to facilitate easy cleaning and routine maintenance.


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