The calibrator represents a fundamental part in the adjustment of the lasagna and tagliatelle sheet and in the adjustment of the product thickness of an industrial pasta plant.

In particular, it is of great importance in the forming, folding, and depositing line for lasagna and tagliatelle in trays.

The line is initially composed of an automatic continuous mixer machine, equipped with a fast mixer called the SCE150 centrifuge, where the semolina and/or the mixture are hydrated and mixed without undergoing stress and damage. After this stage, the dough goes to the sheeter and to the forming machine combined with a SARP cutting machine, with the possibility of automatic die change. In the end, there is a calibration and cutting system.

The next phase of the process is pasteurization, in a specific system that avoids the fall of water drops on the products and the possible formation of mold after packaging. A zone of hot air dries the surfaces of the product before entering the refrigerator, where the ventilation of cold air reduces the temperature of the product to less than 20 ° C in a very short time. The cooled product then enters the packaging room where it is cut across and weighed with its own packaging.

The real deal of this line is in its final part, equipped with an innovative overlapping and folding system of the sheets inside the packaging. The system is equipped with a technology that guarantees good product quality and improves the appearance of the package itself, which is equally remarkable.

For over 30 years Sarp has been specialized in the production of pasta plants and complete lines for the production of pasta.

Our production allows us to treat up to 2,000 kg / h by adjusting the shelf-life of the product according to the following treatment.

The calibrator and the tagliatelle cutting and deposit system are specifically designed to be applied in the long pasta sector and can be easily adapted and customized according to the production.

All Sarp machines are highly performing and your projects are studied with our Sarp Lab Research & Development Center which takes care of your product with our knowledge.


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