Our sterilizer consists of a semi-manual pasta sterilization system. It consists of one or more sterilization chambers and usually, the treatment is intended for the pasta after pasteurization, cooling, and packaging.

Our experience leads us to focus and develop knowledge in the various treatment techniques of product processes, in particular in processes involving pasteurization and sterilization treatments of food products.

This type of treatment, without forgetting the fundamental use of the linear pasteurizer, aims to obtain a product that best resists alterations, keeping intact or almost intact its organoleptic qualities like smell, taste, texture, and color.

This type of treatment can be applied to both bulk and packaged products. We can reach + 100 ° C and processing times depend on the objectives and needs of the customer, but above all on the characteristics of the product in question.

The productions that we satisfy with these systems are usually medium productions that do not require a fully automatic system (which instead is peculiar to spiral conveyor belts) and that take advantage of the possibility of storing the product in static chambers for certain periods of time.

As with all of our machines, the times, temperatures, and airflow inside the cells can be adjusted and customized according to the customer's needs.

The applications are functional for different types of fresh pasta, from filled pasta such as tortellini or ravioli to gnocchi with different pre-cooked pasta.

Through our Sarp Lab Research & Development Center we create versatile and flexible solutions for your every need: considering the volume and weight of the food, the line is always tailor-made.


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