The shaker pre-dryer for pasta is a fundamental piece of equipment in a pasta plant to give a pre-treatment to the surface of the food product to be processed after the extrusion has taken place.

In particular, it is the drying process and the reduction of humidity on the surface of the product which certainly leads to advantages in the subsequent treatment.

Whether we are speaking of dry, pre-cooked, or fresh pasta, this system prevents the product from shape transformations in the subsequent treatment stage and/or makes it more receptive to the consequent treatment, reducing the working time.

It also brings significant benefits to the qualitative and external aspects of the product.

Sarp also has the possibility of creating a pre-dryer/cooler, to combine the drying and the cooling treatment of fresh pasta. In this case, the machine is divided into two sections. An upper section is equipped with a heating coil, and a lower section is equipped with a cooling coil circuit.

In the upper section, through the process called pre-drying, the humidity of the dough is significantly reduced, through oscillating layers.

In the lower section, the temperature is reduced through the particular air circulation which guarantees a uniform treatment on the surfaces of the product.

For over 30 years Sarp has been designing and manufacturing fully customized plants and lines for pasta, putting our know-how at your service.

Each machine is developed according to the needs of the product, looking for the best possible combination between the customer's needs and technological needs.

In particular, the production of pasta, whether dry, pre-cooked, or fresh, requires important attention to the final treatment process, in which the actual quality and appearance of the product are determined. For this particular phase in production, Sarp customizes its machines, in agreement with its Sarp Lab Research & Development Center, which guides the choices in materials and projects.


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