Spiral cooler detail


Tailor-made spiral cooler conveyor belt for food

Sarp customizable spiral coolers for food processing are composed by conveying belts that move the product and a cooling system that ventilates it. We design and build spiral cooling towers suitable for all the production lines, to optimize the timelines, costs, and production spaces. Sarp cooling spirals can be integrated into a production line in a standalone position, or inside a thermal insulated room. Inside the chamber, the temperature can reach -5°C, thanks to the diffusion mechanisms of the airflow, which distribute it uniformly, making the heat treatment optimal and rapid and preventing the formation of humidity.

With a view to saving on energy consumption, Sarp offers you the possibility of integrating the insulated room with a central unit, equipped with a cooling battery, to filter the outside air and channel it inside.

Furthermore, Sarp manufactures cooling systems using both air and water technologies. Both possibilities are agreed according to the requirements of the machine and based on the characteristics of the product. The cooling process, together with that of pasteurization, is functional to the conservation of the product, which can vary from a minimum of 60 days, up to 5-6 months and beyond.

Sarp cooling tunnels

Sarp Spiral conveyor cooling system can be integrated into the existing production line, working independently, or inside of an airtight insulation room (completed welded by our technicians). The room’s internal temperature can reach -5°C, thanks to the airflow system, that keeps the temperature uniform in every part of the machine. The thermal treatment will be quicker and more efficient preventing humidity development.
As Sarp we focus on production savings. Our spiral coolers combine the characteristics of the insulated chamber with a heating system that filters external air saving production power while optimizing the air exchange.
The cooling and the pasteurizing processes are essential for the preservation of the product, for a long-lasting shelf life from 60 days to 5-6 months and more.


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