Sarp Pasteurizing system, the best for your production line

The pasteurizing process is fundamental to ensure a high-quality product, that keeps the nutritional properties and looks after the consumers’ health. At the beginning the food gets warm-up at high temperature, then holding it at a temperature near 100°c, to kill all the pathogenic microorganisms and to ensure long-lasting conservation.
As Sarp, we design and realize pasteurizing spiral shape machinery that, thanks to their design, they allow a thermal exchange, nearly 100%, between air and the product.

The spiral shape has two main functional characteristics:

  • space: it is developed in a vertical way, saving costs per square meter
  • quantity of the product: the distance between the layers is very low, and it allows us to work with a high quantity of foods.

The spiral pasteurizer is generally on the inside of an insulation room, equipped with heating batteries, to reach the desired temperature in a short period of time and to shorten the timelines.

Spiral Pasteurizer: tailor-made design

Our pasteurizing spirals are customized in every detail and they can be integrated into every production line. We provide you with our engineering and fluid dynamics knowledges, to design a machine that suits your needs and your workflow.
We ensure reduced maintenance of the pasteurizer tunnel: the parts are easy to clean, and the surface of the belts (plastic food or stainless steel) prevents the development of product deposits. Sarp produces CIP (clean in Place) washing systems that, thanks to an airtight insulated room (provided only by us), completed welded, from the floor to the lateral panels, are able to sustain high-pressure sanitation, for a thorough cleaning.

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