Sarp: spiral belt conveyors for your company

Our spiral belt conveyors are the best solution for the processing of bulk and packed items.
In Sarp, we design systems that have specific functions for bakery products, and for food and non-food elements.
Particularly, the function of the spiral belt conveyor is about the thermal processes of :
Drying, sterilizing, pasteurizing, cooling, freezing, or leavening.
We know that every product is unique and so we listen to your needs, by analyzing the recipe and the conformation of your product, suggesting the best way to treat it, by studying the dynamics between the machinery, the departments, and the work sites.
The tower conveyor belts are developed in height, moved by one or more driving columns. In this way, it reduces the space occupied by the machine, and it can move in a strategic way in different production areas, to optimize the performances of the thermal exchange between air and the product.
Our suggested solutions are always tailor-made, and the spiral belt conveyor is adaptable with any of your space and your timeline: in the base of the product that has to be treated, the shape or the dimension can be adapted and placed inside an isolation chamber, or in a different area of the production line.
Spiral processing system: custom design and optimized technology
The spiral belt conveyors solution is the result of a dialog that we build together about studying your business and sharing data and information.
We put at your disposal our thirty-years-know-how for designing the system that suits you, with the goal to improve the operational efficiency, by reducing to the minimum the maintenance issues.
Our research and development Sarp Lab center develop and implement machinery that suits your needs, in view of reducing the energy consumption and optimizing the production process. All of our materials are tested at the Sarp Lab before being suggested, to look for the best solution according to the characteristic of the product.

our PLUS

A team of experienced technicians looks after every project step by step, and they look for the best system according to your business. All the materials are under warranty, 12 or 12+12 months, or longer, in case there is a necessity of support during the production process. We provide you complete and exhaustive manuals about how the machinery works and the price list of the replacement parts. We ensure to take action immediately in case there is an issue that block the production process, and we are always at your disposal and according to the need, we give you personally or remote assistance with the customer service team.


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