The spreader is essential in the process of arranging the pasta before drying. With the spreader the long pasta is automatically placed on the rods/sticks, which are mechanically dragged, ready to be manipulated by an operator who will position them in the special trolleys and put them inside the static dryers.

The bearing structure of the machine is in stainless steel to confirm the solidity of the structure itself. The accumulation system can contain up to 25 rods/sticks or it could be designed to contain a greater number.

The rotating shear and the waste recovery system allow the optimization of the production while avoiding wasting. It is also possible to adjust the cutting length of the products,  from time to time, adapting to the customer's needs.

Sarp is able to create customized pasta lines and machines according to your needs.

Each machine is designed to compose a complete line or to serve individual needs, even if they are limited to a single piece of equipment.

In particular, in the production of dry long pasta, the automatic spreader is necessary for the drying stage of the products.

Our Sarp Lab Research & Development Center studies the different shapes of the pasta and creates the necessary adjustments to the machine, in order to be able to count an optimal production.


Our Customer Service is at your disposal at any time to guide the operator during the production or for adequate training in the use of the machinery.


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