Pasta plants

Fresh filled or non-filled pasta, dry, special, raw flour, pre-cooked, pasteurized, frozen pasta, gluten-free or not, using or not special flour: there are no limits to the customization of your industrial plant of pasta production.

Tailor-made pasta is one of the top products in the Italian gastronomic sector and beyond, and Sarp develops pasta plants that are excellent from the performance point of view.
During the project of the machinery for pasta production, we follow two fundamental principles: the optimization of the production process of the machines and the respect of high-quality standards for materials and items used.
The components of the systems guarantee maximum hygiene: all parts are removable, or easily accessible for thorough cleaning.
Each machine is realized responding to the uniqueness of your production, your specific workflow, and layout, ensuring the minimum maintenance and, avoiding any interruptions in the production process.

Macchinari per pastifici e attrezzature per pasta

Sarp industrial pasta machines are designed according to the specificities of your business, with the aim of optimizing the production spaces and the working times.


Fresh stuffed or flat pasta, dry, whole, pre-cooked, sterilized, frozen, with or without gluten: our machines are the ideal allies for your pasta factory.

The creation of a production line for pasta can be customized according to your needs: starting from extrusion and ending with packaging, also including the heat treatment of the product.

Sarp’s advantages

Working with a Sarp machine means embracing a shared project: we listen to you and find the best solution together. We put our technological knowledge at your disposal to identify the most efficient system based on the needs of your reality, in terms of size, work pace, and product characteristics.
In addition, each system that we offer you is designed to have a minimal impact on the environment, saving energy and costs.
Sarp Lab Research & Development Center tests your recipes on the field by combining them with the functionality of the machines and layout of the production plant on-site, also carrying out acceptance tests, guaranteeing you the results. You can count on a minimum guarantee of 12 months from the date of commissioning the machine. If you decide to rely exclusively on Sarp support for the supply of material for the machinery, for assembly and post-installation operations, you can activate one for 12 + 12 months, or more, with scheduled maintenance and dedicated assistance.
We provide on our website a dedicated section to those who choose us, where you can consult through your profile the details of the manuals for the machinery and the list of spare parts that we provide.

Our Customer Service always responds when you need, we offer immediate interventions in your site or remotely, thanks to a team of professional technicians.


Each plant is designed using technologies that allow a favourable impact on the environment with a consequent cost saving.


Sarp pasta machineries are developed with a technology that guarantees a long duration, reduced maintenance and, above all, the maximum limitation of plant stoppages.


Each plant is designed using technologies that allow a favourable impact on the environment with a consequent cost saving.


  • Fresh, filled, laminated and regional typical pasta throughput from 100 kg/h to 2000 kg/h
  • Dry long pasta, short, nest, lasagne and regional typical pasta throughput from 100 kg/h to 500/600 kg/h using all types of flours: with gluten or gluten-free.
  • Pre-cooked pasta, frozen, instant or special pasta for throughput from 200 to 2000 kg/h and ready meals already portioned using pre-cooked pasta, seasoned and ready to be consumed. The production capacity varies depending on the type of pasta employed (i.e. lasagne, cannelloni, short pasta, long pasta, etc.)
  • Gnocchi: fresh, pre-cooked, using instant mashed potatoes or potatoes, for throughput from 100 up to 2000 Kg/h