The press/extruder for pasta is suitable for dosing and mixing the raw materials used, the extrusion of the dough is obtained with any type of flour (with gluten or gluten-free, raw, treated, etc.), with or without vacuum.

The range of production capacity goes from about 200 kg/hour in the head to 600 kg/hour of dry product.

The press can work to obtain short pasta, long pasta, or if combined with a calibrator, sheets, and flat pasta.

The right die determines the shape of the pasta and the cutting system provides the right length of the product. After extrusion, pasta will be collected on trays and dried on static dryers.

The structure in stainless steel or pre-painted steel can be adapted to the needs of the customer, through the creation of a platform or with a simple structure raised to the right point.

The press can be complete with vacuum or without vacuum, combined with standard valves, or with a stellar valve. While the stainless steel screw is calibrated and rectified for the best possible processing of the dough in the tank.

The mixing tank can also be complete with a belt for the rest of the dough, where the product is placed to avoid processing stress with speeds and temperatures too high.

Other measures, such as the cooling system of the screw and/or cylinder (at the same time), the arrangement of an automatic hoist, and the right inclination of the shaft and of the internal blades for handling the dough, are essential for obtaining a product of high quality.

Sarp is specialized in the production of pasta plants and complete lines for the production of pasta, completely designed to achieve your goals.

Your product is unique, just like your recipe and the composition of your pasta, which is why Sarp adapts its machines to your production, to allow you to get the product as close as possible to your needs

Sarp personalizes your project thinking not only about your products but also about the production exigencies, the necessary dimensions, the needs of the operators, and, last but not least, the cleaning and maintenance obligations.

Each machine is developed and adapted to the particular market needs that today require variety not only of tastes but also of shapes. Our Sarp Lab Research & Development Center examines, verifies, and checks that everything corresponds to high-quality standards.


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