Cooking and cooling lines for rice and pasta are a technologically advanced solution in the food industry. These systems are essential for processing large volumes of products such as pre-cooked pasta or rice.

Each component of the line has a specific purpose and is designed to ensure a smooth and continuous process. Thanks to these production lines, fresh or pre-cooked food products can be produced.

How does a pasta cooking and cooling line work?

Cooking and cooling systems are designed to maximise efficiency in the preparation of large quantities of food. Their operating process can be broken down into several key stages:

  • Product loading and transport: rice, pasta or other foodstuffs are placed in the loading crate, then transported to the cooker via a conveyor belt.
  • Cooking: thanks to precise temperature and cooking time control, the product is cooked evenly in a drum cooker.
  • Separation and starch removal: after cooking, the vibrating plate (shaker) helps separate the product, while the washing system removes residues and excess starch. This step is crucial in stopping the cooking process and thus ensuring the final quality of the product.
  • Cooling: the deck cooler lowers the temperature of the product. This step is also essential in stabilizing the product and making it ready for packaging or further processing.
  • Oiling and transport: the oiler applies a thin layer of oil to preserve the quality and freshness of the product. Finally, the conveyor belt transports the product to the end of the production line.

The advantages of choosing Sarp for cooking and cooling lines

Sarp lines are known for their functionality, versatility and innovation.

With a production capacity of up to 2000 kg/h and work cycles of up to 16 hours, they are suitable for different types of products, from pasta in various formats to rice.

Each line can be tailormade and adapted to the customer's specific production requirements, ensuring that every aspect of the cooking and cooling process is optimized for the specific item.

At Sarp, we use premium materials and the latest technological innovations to ensure efficient production, long machine life and significant energy savings.

At a time when sustainability is paramount, Sarp is committed to minimizing the waste of resources. Water filtration and recycling systems not only conserve and recycle this vital resource, but also ensure that the production process is as environmentally friendly as possible.


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