Machineries for pre-cooked pasta produce all type of pasta, cooking it quickly and continuously.

The consumer, once opened the package, will only have to put the pasta in the microwave for a minute, and it will be cooked, ready to be seasoned and served.
SARP line for pre-cooked pasta provides for the use of immersion cookers with innovative features in terms of energy saving and easy cleaning. Our cookers are suitable for cooking every type of pasta or sheet thanks to their different configurations.

Pre-cooked product can be directly FROZEN or used for the production of READY MEALS. Ready meals, in turn, can be frozen or pasteurized/cooled in spirals obtaining a shelf-life of about 60 days.
Plants can be realized for the usage of normal flours, gluten-free flours (starting from raw or pre-cooked flours) or special fours, implementing the existing machineries with particular systems suited to work the request flour.

Each Sarp plant consists of different components, the whole range includes:

  • Dough mixing units able to dose and mix semolina, flour, water, eggs and other ingredients for dough preparation.
  • Presses, from dosing and mixing the raw materials used, the extrusion of the dough is obtained  with any type of flour (with gluten or gluten-free, raw flour, treated, etc.), with or without vacuum.
  • Calibrators and cutters, which allow longitudinal and/or transverse cut of the sheet and the calibration of the sought sheet thickness.
  • Water cookers: for a continuous cooking of pasta. They can be constituted by a conveyor belt or a rotating drum according to the product to be treated. The final part of the cooker is constituted by a zone for washing the product from starches released during the cooking and interruption of cooking of the pasta.
  • Conveyor belts to convey the product to the packaging machineries or sauce dosing stations.
  • Post-packaging treatment through spirals, for pasteurization and cooling, in order to heat treat the product for a longer duration.


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