Cooking products minimizing energy loss and increasing production is now possible with Sarp‘s industrial cookers

Sarp industrial cookers are designed and created to cook filled pasta, laminated pasta, gnocchi, rice, vegetables, mushrooms, and more. The structure and materials used for its construction allow you to set the exact temperature and duration required by optimizing production. The result: more in less time. The cooker can cook from 100 to 200 Kg / h of product.

The cooking water reaches up to 100 ° C while the water used for washing and/or cooling reaches 13 ° C.

Material: the entire structure of the cooker is in stainless steel

Structure: it is equipped with a steam group and a product dragging system that can be linked on the upper lid without any part being submerged in water. This type of setting facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of the machine. In addition to being equipped with a fully opening washing area, the cooker is equipped with a system that allows you to clean the washing belt during the work cycle.

The cooker is easy to use and offers high performance ensuring the highest quality of the final product. Heat loss is minimal thanks to the use of highly insulating materials.

The Sarp cooker cooks the product and can cover production capacities up to 2000 kg / h for different types.

With a single technical solution you can treat short, long, stuffed pasta, gnocchi, or special pasta, but not only, including vegetables, rice, or others.

  • Entirely built in stainless steel, it is equipped with a Cooking area and a Cooling and Washing area.
  • The product dragging system can be with paddles, fixed to the top cover, without any part being submerged in water at the time of cleaning, to facilitate sanitation and any maintenance.
  • All parts can be fully opened.
  • System for cleaning the washing belt even during the work cycle.
  • Possibility of making the machine with a single belt or with two conveyor belts for the product inside the tank.
  • Energy saving through the recirculation of cooking water: the product washing water is reused and sent back to the cooker through a piping system, filters, and a heat exchanger. The pipes are equipped with a self-cleaning system.

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