Freezing tunnel for meat

Sarp provides its customers with many years of experience in the design and construction of processing systems, in particular in food deep-freezing systems. From stuffed pasta to fish, fruit and vegetables, to confectionery products and meat.
We work to customize each production line: let’s start with a consultation on the freezing system for meat that best suits your needs. We process data based on your product, spaces and work organization to offer you the best solution. By choosing Sarp you choose the professionalism of our highly skilled team of engineers, who deal with the design and construction of efficient machines, guaranteeing you to minimize the risks of stopping the production flow. Each machine undergoes some testing tests before being delivered and is covered by a 12 month or 12 + 12 month warranty, which can be extended according to your needs.

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Freezing plants for meat

Conveyor belts for meat processing are made according to the type of product, depending on whether it is a hamburger, breaded meat, croquettes, nuggets or meat medallions: Sarp always finds the solution for you.

Our projects aim to:

  • optimize space: thanks to the development of the vertical spiral, it is possible to reduce the size of the conveyor belt and customize the shape (circular, oval, crossed eight).
  • implement the performance of the line: we connect the machine with the rest of the production to optimize flows.
  • safeguard the quality of the product: we guarantee maximum hygiene for the surface of the belt in contact with the product, which avoids sticky residues
  • reach an ideal temperature for the heat treatment of the meat: thanks to the air diffusers, it is possible to reach a temperature of -40 ° C and a low percentage of humidity in the product.

Customization in every detail and reliability: our Customer Service is at your disposal in every stage, up to the post-sale and training for the use of the machines.


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