Pasta conveyor belts

Pasta conveyor belts are systems designed to optimize the thermal treatment of pasta. Thanks to their adaptability, they can meet different production requirements.

For fresh or pre-cooked pasta, for example, they are used in pasteurisation processes, where high temperatures and steam jets eliminate bacteria and ensure the food safety of the product.

During the production of dry pasta, on the other hand, they are mainly used in the drying process, a crucial step in the long-term shelf life of the product. Furthermore, conveyor belts can also be included in the deep-freezing or cooling of pasta processing.

What are the characteristics of a conveyor belt?

Conveyor belts used in pasta production must meet specific requirements to ensure efficiency, safety and durability.

Here are some of their main characteristics.

  • Resistance to extreme temperatures: conveyor belts must be able to withstand both very high temperatures, such as those required for the pasteurization of fresh pasta, and the extremely low temperatures of the deep-freezing phase.
  • Ease of cleaning: it is essential that conveyor belts are easy to clean in order to maintain high hygiene standards. This is particularly crucial in the food industry, where contamination must be strictly avoided.
  • No lubrication: the absence of lubrication in conveyor belts, like the ones designed by Sarp, ensures that the product is not contaminated during heat treatment.
  • Durable materials and minimum wear and tear: Sarp's systems are made of durable materials that minimize maintenance and the resulting in machine downtime.

In order to increase the efficiency of the production line, it is also possible to adjust the belt speed and add accumulation systems that allow continuous production.

Why choose Sarp for your production line?

Developed both as spiral systems and as a linear tunnels, Sarp conveyor belts can respond to specific production requirements, ensuring flexibility and adaptability. They can be integrated into new or existing production lines.

After an initial assessment and a careful analysis of the characteristics and requirements of the products, we custom design the conveyor belt keeping in mind the specific needs of the production flow.


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