Processing Systems

Sarp's spiral conveyor belts and food processing systems are designed and realized to optimize the thermal treatment of bulk and packed food products. Sarp food conveyor belts have multiple functionalities and can be used on different needs of production, like drying, sterilizing, pasteurizing or hot holding, cooling, freezing, and leavening.
Food processing systems can treat bakery products (bread, pizza, cakes, etc) pasta, meat and fish, fruit, and fruit juice.


Food industry spiral conveyor belts: the advantages of choosing Sarp

Thanks to our highly specialized consultants and engineers, we assure you the best systems for the food processing, custom made on your production necessity.

Industrial food systems that we build meets your needs optimizing spaces and costs: thanks to the spiral shape, developed in height, sqm costs are reduced, and the central space can be used to put the devices for the food processing.

Our conveyor belt is dragged by a driving tower, it is flexibles in every direction and it is easily adaptable to different shapes: oval, rounded or like an “8”. Adapting the shape to different needs, represents a great advantage for the workflow optimization of your production, even if it comes to installing spiral conveyor belts in pre-existing productions lines.

Sarp also develops accumulation systems that can be added to the line, and allow to keep a continuous production, independently from any possible machine fault upstream and downstream. In this way, the waste is highly reduced, since Sarp machinery can be used as a temporary deposit in the production system.

To speed up the process, the equipment like evaporators, batteries, and the air and water systems, are included in an insulated chamber that allows spreading the airflow, keeping the temperature even. Every part that touches the product ensures the highest hygiene.

Every belt can be custom-made in details: we come to check, we study your needs and suggest the ideal solution to save costs and optimize the timelines without giving up on high quality and performances.

Our customer service is a team formed by technical experts at your disposal to give you support at your place, or remotely, to ensure an ongoing machinery functioning.


Space optimization
Each Sarp machinery is 100% tailor-made. The conveyor belt is flexible in all directions and easily adaptable to various forms, thus reducing footprint area and with a vertical development which minimizes the cost per square meter.

Time optimization
Heat treatment in a tailor-made spiral minimizes the time for reaching the desired temperature, thus reducing the waiting time between production and packing.

Treatment optimization
The devices such as evaporators, batteries, air and water system are located into the insulated chamber in such a way as to create a uniform temperature and to increase the heat exchange between air and product, thus optimizing the flow of air and energy required for the treatment.

Energy saving
In the case of cooling it is possible to install a ventilation plant equipped with outside air recovery, with a saving up to 50% compared to standard energy consumption.


Constant assistance
Costumer satisfaction is fundamental to Sarp.
For this reason we offer assistance from the design phase up to final production, including a constant support during the start up and the life cycle of the plant.

Remote assistance
Sarp offers a remote assistance service to the costumer who requests it, that allows the immediate remotely solution of the problems.

On site assistance
Sarp has, however, available, in addition to its technical specialists and experts, also collaborations in different countries, which allow the customer to rely on local technicians in short terms.


Low maintenance
Sarp plants are designed minimizing maintenance and resulting plant stoppages.
Materials used in the construction allow a long life and a reduced wear of the components (conveyor belt).

No lubrication
Absence of lubrication ensures to obtain a non-polluted product at the phase of heat treatment. Furthermore, cleaning operations of the machinery and surroundings environment result easier.

High pressure washing
Routine maintenance is reduced thanks to the use of welded cells for automatic high pressure washings.
The cells are completely welded, both to the floor and to the joints between the walls.


Pasteurization, cooling, freezing, drying and proofing of foodstuffs such as pasta, fruit and vegetables, dairy products and derivatives, ice cream and desserts, meat, fish and many other packed or unpacked non-food products (doypack, standup, cheerpack, …).

List of products:

  • Filled pasta
  • Fruit juices
  • Creamy desserts
  • Mixed berries
  • Mushrooms
  • Ice cream
  • Dried fruit
  • Diced vegetables
  • Crab, mussels, fillets
  • Breaded steak
  • Yogurt
  • Cream cheese
  • Doypack
  • Tomato preserves
  • Fruit compote