Automatic cutters for pasta made by Sarp are ideal for cutting and adjusting the thickness of the product, with parameters that can be customized according to your production needs.

In Sarp we design customized machinery considering the characteristics of your business for provide the most suitable solution.

Our cutters are suitable for different types of pasta plans: dry or fresh, flat (like lasagna) or long (like tagliatelle), and are equipped with special accessories according to the special needs. Sarp machines are made in Italy with quality materials and components in stainless steel, to guarantee resistance and maximum hygiene.

Cutter for tagliatelle and lasagna

The cutter for pasta is fundamental machinery for the production of tagliatelle and lasagna: functional and efficient, it allows obtaining fresh and dry pasta of the size and thickness desired. The cut can be made in longitudinal and transversal directions and, thanks to the calibrating roller, the machine determines at the same time the thickness of the sheet. The speed of the transversal cutting unit is adjustable according to the length of the type of pasta to be obtained.

Specifically designed for tagliatelle and fettuccine, the nesting cutter allows you to roll up the pasta in the form of nests and make it ready for packaging, at the end of the cutting process.  Sarp cutter integrates perfectly into the tagliatelle production line, completing the pasta processing cycle.

The lasagna cutter also allows you to adjust the width, length, and thickness of the sheet to have a product suitable to be packaged or used for the preparation of the ready meals.

Why choose Sarp pasta cutters

Our long experience in the pasta sector and constant attention to technological innovation ensure the creation of high-performance pasta cutters. Starting from a preliminary study, we design together with the customer the best machine for the type of necessary processing, customizing components, and functionality.

To obtain an excellent final result, it is necessary to integrate and connect the cutter in the production line: this is why at Sarp we equip the machines with state-of-the-art software, which allows the programming, synchronization, and secure management of the machinery. In this way, our automatic pasta cutters allow you to speed up and optimize work processes.

A final advantage of the Sarp cutters is the easy cleaning and maintenance: thanks to the structure being completely in stainless steel and in the presence of independent and interchangeable laminating rollers, our machines can be dismantled to facilitate washing operations.


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