Sarp machinery for dry pasta: long and short pasta, regional pasta, and with particular shapes.

Sarp is specialized in designing and realizing industrial machinery for the production of dry pasta with a semiautomatic process. Our plants are thought to sustain a workflow that goes from 200 kg/h to about 700kg of pasta per hour. This type of machinery is ideal if you have a semiautomatic industrial production line of dry pasta or if you need to produce typical regional pasta (for example trofie Genovesi or fregola Sarda), o that has a peculiar and elaborate shape (like the conchiglione). Stamps for pasta that we provide you are interchangeable according to the needs of your production: with a single machine, you can create different types of pasta. Sarp dry pasta lines and machinery are compatible with all the flours: mixed, gluten-free, whole grain, raw or pre-cooked.

Customize production systems

Every Sarp system is composed of different components, that you can interchange according to your needs, by integrating a single machine in your company production or considering the whole and complete line of production. We can serve you a turn-key plant.

Dry pasta series of production includes:

  • Presses: doses and mixes the necessary ingredients to make the dough (like semolina, flour, water, eggs). The press works with every kind of mix: with or without gluten, wholegrain, treated, and with or without vacuum. With more dies it is possible to obtain different types of pasta, using the same machine
  • Spreader: is thought for laying long pasta on sticks in an automatic way, to proceed then with the drying on trays.
  • Automatic stacking trays: they automatically stack trays, filled with short pasta, on trays that are ready for the drying treatment.
  • Cutting machines: cut in a longitudinal or/and a transversal way the dough, and calibrate the thickness of pasta or sheet in a way that you prefer.
  • Nesting and lasagna machine: production of nest or lasagna deposed on belts (rounded pasta, like tagliatelle or fettuccine).
  • Shaker pre-dryer: they supply a pre-drying process that allow the surface of pasta to be pre-dried avoiding the possibility to get it stuck on the next steps of the production.
  • Static or continuous dryers: break down the percentage of humidity of the product. The drying process can be done at high o low temperatures, with automatic control of the temperature and humidity. The managing of the temperature in the drying process is very important to avoid the breakage of pasta during the packaging in the consuming stage. The dryer can be static, with the manual loading of the trays in the insulated chamber, or continue, with a belts system for continuous loading of the trays into the drying process.

We design together with your production chain: we analyze the main characteristics of your company to suggest the most efficient machinery to optimize workflow and timelines


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