Sarp machines for filled pasta production

For more than 30 years, Sarp has been designing tailor-made machines for filled pasta to fit each individual production line. We understand that each recipe is different, each workflow has its own rhythms and we closely collaborate with you to find the most suitable solution.

We analyze your products; we study the layout of your spaces and design a machine that meets your specific needs keeping in mind the size and timing of the supply.

In a production line for filled pasta, the dough is worked by a press or a mixer for the extrusion of the dough, it is then “stretched” and it goes to the forming.

The line can be equipped, for example, with an industrial ravioli machine, a tortellini forming machineor a sheeter that makes the molding and the filling of the dough (the dough could be realized with different types of flour).

The filling is injected and in the last phase, the product is subjected to a thermal process before packaging and/or to a post packaging treatment. The transfer of the product between the different machines of the production line (for example the pasta sheet to the filling machine or tortellini to the cooling room) is generally done through automatic management of the line itself.

Sarp: we customize your production line for ravioli and more

The industrial machines for ravioli and other filled pasta are designed and manufactured based on your needs follow the principle of ergonomics: their use is simple and intuitive. Thanks to a control panel it is possible to set the workflows and program them over time (weekly or even monthly) by setting one or more recipes through parameters such as doses, times, and cooking temperature.
Each component of the machines can be dismantled easily, or it is accessible, to grant the best sanitation. Furthermore, the ease of handling of the machines and the molds makes them adaptable even to frequent format changes.
Sarp machines for stuffed pasta are the result of the work of professional figures skilled in the fields of software and electronics and fluid dynamics (for regulating temperature and air flows in pasta heat treatment processes). Each machine and process is tested and is covered by a warranty that can vary from a minimum of 12 months to two or even more years, depending on your needs. We are always at your side with our Customer Service if you need it. Request a free quote. It is simple and fast.


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