Equipment for cooking ready meals

Ready meals are a convenient and tasty solution for those looking for a quick alternative to traditional home-cooked meals. Their steadily growing popularity has led many food companies to invest in complete lines for their production.

These automated systems are designed to efficiently manage the entire production process: from the initial preparation of ingredients, to cooking and packaging of the product.

Plant components vary depending on the type of ready meal being produced. For example, lasagna or cannelloni production lines are made up of kneaders, presses, calibrators, cutters, pasteurizers and cookers, as well as other machinery required to process the pasta.

Immersion cookers play a key role in these production lines. These machines ensure precise and uniform cooking, which is essential for the quality of the final product.

Once ready, the pasta is divided into portions and seasoned. Thanks to the pasteurization and the deep-freezing processes, the dish can be stored for up to 60 days and, once heated in the microwave, is ready to serve.

Why choose Sarp for ready meal cooking lines?

Choosing Sarp for ready meal cooking lines means choosing a partner at the forefront of the food industry. Sarp machines are distinguished by their durability and ease of cleaning, qualities that ensure a long service life.

Each of our systems is researched and designed to perfectly suit the specific needs of our customers. This approach, combined with our experience and technical expertise, allows us to build systems that are not only efficient from a production point of view, but also guarantee the highest quality of the final product.


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