Leavening system with Sarp spiral proofer

The Sarp spiral leavening system allows you to reach the ideal temperature, up to + 40 ° C, necessary for the proofing of the dough. The conveyor belt develops vertically with a spiral shape: in this way it allows you to exploit the space in height minimizing the size. The leavening systems are located inside an insulated room where the percentage of humidity is monitored, regulated, and kept constant.
By choosing Sarp you have the opportunity to customize the spiral proofer, both for its shape and for its functionality, to respond to the characteristics of your production. Thanks to our experience, we offer a service that includes: an inspection of the spaces, study, and analysis of the product characteristics, the design of the most suitable solutions and the creation of leavening spirals optimizing your production line.
We support you with a common goal: reduce the costs respecting the deadlines.

Sarp: implementation and customization

The leavening tunnel can be integrated into any production sequence, implementing its performance. Our Sarp Lab Research & Development Center combines engineering, technology and fluid dynamics skills to always guarantee excellent results and easy maintenance. We can customize the height of loading and unloading of the products, the sliding speed of the belt and its direction (up or down) and the timing of the treatment.
Furthermore, thanks to the easy access to the components of the machinery, you can perform a thorough cleaning, ensuring an uncontaminated product. Sarp also offers you the possibility of implementing your production with a sealed insulated room for high-pressure sanitation.
The Customer Service team follows you in every step: from the assembly on-site, to prompt assistance in case of critical issues, to always guarantee a high performance of the machinery.


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