The dough and its extrusion are the secrets for an excellent pasta

The dough and its extrusion are the secrets for an excellent pasta.

The passion for pasta machinery is driving Sarp to always develop cutting-edge machines. Relying on our knowledge we are able to supply machines for the industrial production of pasta that can satisfy the various needs both in the fresh pasta sector and in the dry or even precooked pasta sector.

The Sarp industrial mixer is used for the forming and processing of the dough which will then be processed to obtain the different types of pasta. The mixer is designed to be able to obtain maximum results from all types of flours and blends used, it is made entirely of stainless steel with easily removable components to facilitate access in case of maintenance and/or cleaning.

We supply mixers equipped with centrifuge for mixing and rapid homogenization of the components. The conformation of the blades of the kneading tank derives from advanced studies on the dynamics of dough processing and the stress that the dough can undergo during processing. When the structure of the dough is worked in the correct way without being mistreated, the result is a better final product, with certainly superior organoleptic qualities.

Furthermore, where necessary, we can provide an accumulation belt where the product can rest after being amalgamated. In this way, the semolina granules of the mixture are uniformly hydrated, allowing the rest of the dough at the same time.

The hourly production capacity varies up to 2,000 kg of pasta per hour, depending on the shape of the mixer.

Different types of flours can be used for the dough, from gluten-free to normal durum wheat flours or, alternatively, special flours.

Why choose the Sarp mixer

The Sarp industrial mixer can easily be integrated into your existing production line. This is why we design the machine together from the initial stages, better to adapt it to the real needs of your production.

We create the project based on the product to be obtained and we are able to suggest the best way to proceed. Sarp is not just a sales partner but builds ongoing collaborations, which start during the negotiation process and continue over time to support you in the start-up and subsequent stages of production management.

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