To produce lasagna with high quality and efficiently it is essential to have the right machinery: Sarp designs lasagna production lines (and ready meals) according to your needs. Starting from an initial study, we identify with you the characteristics of your work process and we build customized lasagna production plants.

The lasagna line includes various machines to ensure continuity and completeness of the processing, from the dough to the packaging. The hourly production speed varies according to the requests and the type of product to be prepared.

Thanks to precise projects and designs and the use of certified materials for the machines, our made in Italy systems guarantee safety and high-quality results.


The functionalities of the lasagna production lines

Usually, the lasagna production line designed by Sarp includes all the technologies of production and process: starting from the continuous automatic mixer, the semolina is hydrated and amalgamated. Subsequently, the dough passes into the dough sheeter, the cutter, and the lasagna machine for the forming of the sheet with the desired size and thickness.

At this point, the product enters the pasteurizer and then into the cooler, which carries the product at a temperature below 20 ° C. Once cooled, the sheet arrives in the packaging room, in which the transversal cut and the determination of the weight of the package takes place.

With the Sarp industrial lasagna line, it is possible to obtain two types of packaging in a modified atmosphere, in thermoformed bags or trays.

The last phase of production, which concerns the overlapping and folding system of the dough in the packaging, is the real power of Sarp plants. Thanks to the particular technology used, the product remains soft and intact, with an inviting appearance.

Your lasagna production line with Sarp

We have always been alongside pasta companies to design together with the perfect system for industrial production of lasagna and ready meals, able to meet the needs of your business.

In addition to the forming machinery for fresh lasagna, we make production lines that are also equipped for the preparation and cooking of the ready meals. Sarp machines ensure excellent results in terms of quality, conservation, and appearance of the product inside the packaging.

Our lasagna production line allows you to optimize time and space dedicated to the process productivity, improving performance, and facilitating cleaning and maintenance operations.


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