PASTEURIZATION processes with tunnel-linear or tower-vertical

We fit pasteurization processes for all types of industrial productions: from fruits and vegetables to pasta, from baby products to natural products.

Our pasteurizer systems can reach temperatures of +100°C and maintain the product in that temperature as far as it is necessary.
We can develop linear pasteurizers or tower pasteurizers (spiral belt conveyor) with air or with water, with single layer or more layers, having entry and exit at the same side, at the same heights... no limits to our projects.
Our pasteurizers are designed and developed to meet all types of industrial production: from fruits and vegetables to pasta, from baby products to natural products.

What is pasteurization of food processes

Pasteurization is the process of heat processing a liquid or a food to kill pathogenic bacteria to make the food safe to eat. It is important to note that foods after they have been pasteurized they must be refrigerated.

Our processes are based on Low-Temperature-Long-Time Treatment (LTLT) -- this process uses lower heat for a longer time to kill pathogenic bacteria. Our machines could maintain food at a specific temperature for 2 minutes, or 30 minutes. The times and temperatures depend on: (1) the type of food and (2) the final result one wants to achieve, such as retaining a food’s nutrients, color, texture, and flavor.

Most drink products use this pasteurization method as it allows extended unrefrigerated storage while providing a safe product.

(SOURCE:  Adapted from the A to Z Guide for Food Safety)

Pasteurization of food products

Pasteurizing or maintaining the product at high temperatures for a longer or shorter period of time is a delicate phase in the food processing cycle. The high temperatures and treatment times allow the reduction of bacterias of the product and / or the packaging, thus increasing its duration. With the spiral pasteurization tunnels we can obtain up to 2 years shelf life. Moreover, thanks to the pasteurization treatment, the products can be stored naturally without using preservatives and additives.

Why hot holding/pasteurization:
-    To obtain requested P-value of the product;
-    To pasteurize  the critical parts of the package in contact with the product;
-    Air pasteurizing allows to obtain products completely dry, without water or wet on the package surface, ready to be store;
Usually  hot holding / pasteurization is combined with cooling:
-    To slow down developping of bacterias;
-    To avoid any problems during secondary packaging;
-    the products is ready to be store also in unrefrigerated storage.