Sarp is operational

Dear customer / supplier / partner

as the situation is constantly evolving, we want to update you on our recent decisions.

Although the National Decree requires the closure of all unnecessary work activities until April 13, considering carefully the situation and evaluating the importance of our services for food companies (essential activities), we have requested and obtained, after appropriate checks, a derogation from the decree for Sarp, to be operational, as to guarantee our services and continue to assist you in your needs.

The company is operational, to be at your disposal, with some attention due to the current situation:

  • The service of acceptance and collection of the goods at our warehouse is confirmed, although, please, contact your suppliers to check if they can carry out the collection / delivery. Finally, consider all the rules imposed by your destination country for the collection of the goods;
  • Staff travel is currently not allowed. In cases of need, our remote support is active and our dedicated service ( +39 0423482633, +39 3316601481, is at your disposal.

Currently our working methods in the headquarters in Castelfranco Veneto are:

# smart-working, where possible through conference calls, remote meetings, ...

# at the moment all the staff in the company are in good health and we make sure that all the rules are respected to preserve their safety in the company

# access to external personnel in the headquarters is closed, to protect everyone's health

# we guarantee that our operators are always equipped with all personal protective equipment

# we constantly monitor the health of our employees.

However, due to the objective operational difficulties, our activities could be slowed down, not only  deriving from our will but from the contingent external situation. We will update you step by step on the situation and on the new order preparation dates. In addition, we will inform you in case the national authorities present other provisions.

Stay safe

Salvalaggio Giovanni

- Owner and C.E.O.

For info: +39 0423482633 -